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3D Scannable Objects

Some objects are more suitable for 3D scanning than others. This page showcases parameters and examples.

Size & Weight

  • Scannable area is cylinder
    • Minimum height: 2.5 cm
    • Maximum height: 150 cm
    • Maximum radius: 25 cm
  • Maximum weight: 50 kg
2 cm broad tiny sea shell
Shoe with a length of 25 cm
Figure with a height of 120 cm


  • Diffuse and rough surfaces are most suitable
  • Strongly reflective and smooth surfaces are not suitable
  • Strongly translucid surfaces are not suitable
Translucid glass or plastic bottles
Very smooth and reflective metals
Translucid and wet fruit pieces


  • Very bright or very dark surfaces are not suitable
  • Objects without any surface details are not suitable
Not enough surface details
Not enough surface details
Too dark


  • Object should be rigid and not easily deformable
  • Object shouldn't be porous
  • Should not deform when exposed to cold or warm temperature
  • Should not rot or decay over time
  • Should not move
Decays over time
Deforms very easily
Deforms very easily


  • Inner object structures are not reconstructible
  • Fine details like hairs, fibers and thin leafs are not working
Too complex and too many fine structures
Fine hairs
Too much details and fine structures


A collection of 3D scannable objects.